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For twelve years beginning in 1970, I was a productive ceramic artist. I studied at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, Washington State University in Pullman and the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA. It was during these years that I began my fascination with surface design.

I maintained a connection with this realm as a graphic designer for fifteen years. While studying metals at the Seattle Art Institute, I was drawn to the etching process as a combination of surface design and texture. This process has been my work for the last ten years.

My inspiration comes from the natural world, medieval European tapestries and armor.

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The Process

Lynn AnjuIt all begins in my sketchbook. This is where the design process takes place. When a sketch has been refined enough and I like it enough I make a simple paper pattern to use in tracing the outside design on to the metal. Then I saw it out.

The texture is achieved by hand drawing with a marker on to the metal. All this comes from the original design achieved in the sketchbook.

Now I etch. Etching is a simple subtractive process. Like crayon on an Easter egg the marker acts as a resist creating the relief design. In this way the design becomes a part of the metal. After etching, pieces are finished in various ways depending on the metal and purpose. All are cleaned and polished. Some soldered and stones are set if right for the piece. Brass and copper home adornments are always finished with wax. I'm impressed by the rich look it gives and the fact that it protects the metal. If copper or brass are in a bathroom or kitchen you may choose to re-wax once a year with a simple furniture paste wax (with no color added). It's a lengthy process, but one which leaves the viewer with a sense of mystery..."How did that happen?"

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Lynn Anju

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